Feb 15 2013

Are you on the Map?

It is not that we object to being called at 3am to be asked “Just out of interest, who have you got in the Solomon Islands?” It is what we do! Then again, if general curiosity grips you at ungodly hours of the night, or if you really do need a correspondent somewhere, anywhere, feel free to have a play with our new, improved and rather brilliant map, which now boasts fantastic new features (none of which involves any horsemeat!).

The Map, to be found on the front page of our website, shows the locations of all our correspondents (over 1000) in all our countries of coverage (132 and growing!). You can get to the correspondents details by clicking on the red pins on the map. With one click, this will provide you with the correspondent’s photo, work samples, short biography, languages spoken, special skills and expertise, and more. It’s always shifting sands; correspondents move, new people get added, new countries appear – so keep checking. For this reason we’ll never say it’s complete – it’s a job like painting a huge bridge, the moment you stop, you’ve got to start again.

If you want to book a correspondent, you’ll still need to contact us. We believe in providing the perfect balance between solutions that can be provided by technology, and those that can be only provided by a real person. Our Map will help you learn where we are and who we have. Our experienced duty editors will listen to your coverage needs and use their knowledge of our correspondents, of the news story, and of regional geography in order to provide the best coverage. But we don’t need to tell you that, you know us already…

We do try to provide maximum information about the correspondents and their whereabouts, however, we are not perfect. Correspondents – if you’d like to provide more information or are desperate to replace that less-than-flattering photo or video? Have we missed the fact that you can also broadcast in Portuguese and make video packages? Tell us.

Everybody else  –  do bear in mind that, especially in a fast-rolling story, the best and latest info is at the hands of the duty editor. However, knowledge is power, and you know best what qualities of a correspondent are crucial for you – so check them out!

The detailed map enables you to explore available services beyond live broadcast. Many of our correspondents can shoot video, record audio and edit audio and video packages; while many have backgrounds in print journalism.

GRNlive has made it its mission to provide professional journalism for any news media, from the biggest broadcasting corporation, to the local radio station and website. The map-based information is just one way to make our network accessible and familiar to all our clients. It also enables our correspondents to network more easily with colleagues around them. We hope you find this new feature useful and enjoyable.

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