Dec 13 2012

How Can We Help You? GRNlive’s New Partnerships

One of the things we are most pleased with about GRNlive’s work this year is the partnerships we have forged recently. Over the last few years we have been following developments in the news market with great interest. As ever, our aim is to maximise our use of new technologies to benefit our clients and maximise the work we can offer our correspondents. At the same time, we are adamant to keep raising the flag for professional journalism in a media world that keeps changing. We have chosen our partners carefully, making sure they share our belief that mobile phone applications, online marketing and advanced means of production can go hand in hand with meticulous “old school” approach to content.

With this in mind, we have entered four partnerships this year with companies involved in some of the latest trends in new media.

Octopus Media Technology /Octopus TV Ltd is a cloud based, video content management and delivery platform. The Octopus platform provides four major functions: Digital Delivery; Digital Archive; Live streaming; Video on Demand. This platform is now available to GRN clients to distribute their video content on and get wide exposure on many platforms. Combining this service and the GRN network is an excellent way of making video from anywhere in the world accessible to every web publisher and traditional broadcaster.

Rawporter is based out of Charlotte, NC and in public Beta. Rawporter’s vision is to protect, promote and sell the photos and videos that are being shared online. Its platform enables to upload content quickly and efficiently from mobile phones and tablets, hence enabling speedy delivery of news directly to clients. “Let’s face it,” says Kevin Davis of Rawporter in his press release announcing the partnership, “being on-air is hard work and doing it from an actual war zone is for professionals. I spent some time on-air in the 90’s and have a ton of respect for journalists like Henry and his network. While I sat comfortably behind a microphone in a studio, he was covering the Bosnian war! In fact you’ll see his network reporting from 130 countries around the world when a story breaks and media partners can’t get a crew there. (Keep an eye out next time you see someone reporting from a war zone for one of the big guys. If they don’t have a network logo plastered on his mic flag or vest then it’s likely a GRNlive correspondent.)” Thank you Kevin, we sign up to every word and are looking forward to exposing our correspondents to this new opportunity.

TRANSTERRA is an online marketplace that brings news, documentary and multi-media from the world’s frontlines to buyers around the globe. It now offers its sales platform for GRNlive correspondents. Content is uploaded via the website and presented in high quality to clients.

Last but not least is the funky Forward planning platform of Zapaday. Forward planning, they say in Zapaday, is a dark art in the news business. But combining Zapaday’s forward planning wizardry and reach of our correspondents, film makers, photographers and fixers guarantees that broadcasters will never miss a story and get access to optimal coverage of it.

We are looking forward to working with our new partners over the holiday season and into the New Year.  Many of our correspondents have invested their time talent and effort this year in expanding their technical capacities into audio and film. Our new partnerships are one of our ways to guarantee it will all pay off.

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