Oct 17 2012

Friends with Benefits

This week we recommend you check out interesting blog entries from our friends at the International News Safety Institute. Top Pakistan TV anchors sent death threats for condemning Malala attack and a fascinating interview with James Rodgers, who has covered conflicts in Chechnya, Gaza and Iraq, and now published a new book. ‘I want to share with the next generation of journalists what I wish I knew 20 years ago’, says James.

The INSI is throwing some light on some much ignored facts in journalistic practices. More than 1,000 journalists and other news workers have died trying to cover the news over the past 10 years.The great majority were born and raised in the land where they were killed. Foreign correspondents are the high profile casualties, but most victims are local. When the victim is a journalist working in his or her own community, the news makes little impact outside that region. Yet, local journalists are at greater risk because they continue to live in the areas from where they report. When the story is over they cannot board an airplane and fly away. INSI works to achieve its objectives in Americas, South Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Northern Africa, Africa and Europe and Central Asia:

* Develop a global campaign of safety for journalists by introducing safety issues into the mainstream of international media development strategies including actions to improve levels of professionalism, to raise awareness in journalism of ethical issues, to improve the standing of journalists in relation to governments and political authorities and to support independent media initiatives. Those actions are only possible and sustainable if there is the creation of a safe and secure environment for the exercise of journalism.

* Provide pro-active and timely support to journalists and media staff in or travelling to conflict areas, achieved through rapid safety training interventions to improve the working conditions of local journalist

* Strengthen media professionalism in societies where social dislocation, conflict or political transition undermine the roots of democracy by conducting security and first aid training.

GRN will collaborate with the INSI as with other friends who we consider as partners in our mission to provide better, and fairer, journalism from every corner of the world.

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