Sep 20 2012

An interview with Chris Walker

Christopher Walker had a busy summer reporting for GRNlive. What with the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics, and Julian Assange taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, we had our veteran correspondent zigzagging across London relentlessly in our schizophrenic weather, be it torrential rain pouring on the Queen’s flotilla, and stifling sun beating over the heads of the Wikileaks supporters out in Knightsbridge.

And yet, we managed to grab him for an hour into our Hammersmith office at the Riverside Studios, to tell us about his career, his highlights of this year, and his thoughts about the past, present and future of journalism.

They don’t make them like this anymore. Christopher Walker was out there when most of the faces adorning our television screens today were yet to be born. Chris joined the Times in 1972, and covered Belfast (“that’s where everybody started back then”), the Middle East, and Moscow, popping in and out of an endless number of hotspots in-between. He has joined GRNlive in its early days, over 10 years ago, and based himself back in London.

We love working with Chris as he combines the commitment, enthusiasm and “no story is too big or small” attitude of a proper 20th century hack, with the curiosity ad willingness to use new technologies of the journalists of the future. Chatting to him this week was a bit of a tour-de-force through 40 years of journalism. We hope you’ll enjoy watching it, comments and questions to Chris, as ever, are more than welcome.

The entire interview is available to view on YouTube here. Be warned, it is quite long, so we have broken it down into several smaller, topic based chunks as below.

On Julian Assange

On the Diamond Jubilee

On the Olympics

On the London riots

On Northern Ireland

On the Middle East

On GRNlive and Chris’s experience of working with us over the last several years.

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