Jul 31 2012

Meet Bartholomew Rudd

Exciting days at GRNlive’s offices in late July: London enjoyed whole three days of sunshine after weeks of gloomy rain; the Olympic opening ceremony went down a treat and we were all watching it excitedly on the television and trying to spot our very own Matt Cooksey. Today we spent at least an hour glued to the diving competition and Henry got us a new swanky logo over which a consensus was reached after a rather long debate regarding the location of the red bit. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting rather manic about my two shows I’m taking to the Edinburgh Fringe this week: Frenemies and Half Past Bitch (I’m ever so grateful for working in a company where I can both maintain a creative hobby and use the profane language. I was recently interviewed by a radio station that made me refer to the latter show as Half Past Itch).

But by all means the most glamerous event was the invasion of one Bartholomew Rudd into our lives. Bartholomew, or Bart as we call him when he’s at home, stars in our first little “viral” which introduces GRNlive’s work in a light hearted way. In this first episode Bart, an old school hack with very strong ideas as to what journalism is about, discovers, to his horror, the existence of GRN, and pledges revenge.

We’ve all met Bartholomew Rudd. Well, maybe not quite this Bartholomew Rudd, but one just like him. An old timer who refuses to acknowledge new technologies or new ways of reporting and buries his head in the ground at the very idea that the world has changed.

A week, is far to late, to start reporting from the ground after a breaking news event, that being on the ground is as vital to contemporary news reporting as getting one’s facts right, that big teams parachuted into an event are becoming a thing of the past, and mainly, that quotations in Latin should be kept to the absolute minimum.

Then again, we are all growing to like him. He still has a trick or two under his hat and in his journey of revenge he might give us a bit of a bleeding nose before surrendering to GRNlive’s “frightful acronym”. We are happy to take it with a smile.

Bart is the creation of Ben Cohen, who was an editor at GRN in the early days and he is played brilliantly by Roy Weskin, the hilarious Cathy is played by Mira Dovereni, and the diligent GRN correspondent is no other than our very own Henry Peirse, who clearly misses reporting from the ground. We are now contemplating sending him somewhere wild. The film is directed by Andy Johnstone

The film also gives you a glimpse into our office in Hammersmith, London. It is modest but we like it, especially because it is right on the river by the gorgeous Hammersmith Bridge.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment of Bartholomew’s adventures, but before we let him embark on them, we’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. So, what do you think of our Bartholomew?


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