Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 25 2012

BBC News for Sale?

The Independent reports today that BBC news reporters have been given a new task: making money. According to the Independent, Peter Horrocks, the Director of BBC Global News, has written to journalists saying:  “I would like each of you to contribute to the delivery of these objectives, with the income objective, let us know if …

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Jun 21 2012

Are Local Newspapers Facing a Renaissance?

The mystery that is the future of newspapers keeps boggling the minds of many in the industry. The demise of the physical “paper” element seems inevitable. It is always a wonder that the paper versions of the “news” are still to be found. The answer to “what will people read on the train” has been …

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Jun 11 2012

Muckraking is Dead, Long Live Muckraking

A fascinating article by Mark Feldstein in the last issue of the American Journalism Review offers a timely reminder: the rumours regarding the death of investigative journalism have been premature. It might be long dead in the USA, it clearly has not been doing too well in Western Europe of late, but the gospel may …

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Jun 08 2012

When a Journalist Becomes a Pain in the System’s Backside

The International Press Institute (IPI) reiterated its support this week for Israeli journalist Uri Blau of Ha’aretz, after Israel’s attorney general Yehuda Weinstein declared Blau was to be indicted on charges of possessing classified military documents. IPI’s Acting Deputy Director Anthony Mills said: “The planned indictment of Uri Blau would set a highly unfortunate precedent …

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