Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 26 2012

The Fickleness of News

By Daphna Baram After a few strong and busy months of news, there’s always a slow one. The reasons for it are not always lack of news happening. Sometimes we are looking at the weeks ahead, making sure we have correspondents in all of our “forward planning” spots, securing feed points and sorting out insurance …

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Mar 19 2012

Small Fish, Big News

International news are normally associated with the domain of the big global news organisations – BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera – flashy brand “idents” and anchors in suits speaking directly to correspondents on the ground. When it comes to local media and regional television and radio broadcasters, the assumption is that they should stick to affairs nearer …

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Mar 13 2012

In the Company of Women

Last week, on International Women’s Day, Reuters hosted an event at their headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, to celebrate the publication of No Women Land – On The Frontline With Female Reporters. The discussion was chaired by the BBC’s Lyse Doucet, on behalf of the International News Safety Institute (INSI) with Sarah Whitehead (Head of …

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Mar 05 2012

Real Journalism is Alive and Kicking

A group called Matter  has illuminated a fascinating fact about journalism in our time this week. The San Francisco based group has posted a project on, a website which enables entrepreneurs to raise money from the public. Matter asked to raise $50,000 for publishing a weekly “single piece of top-tier long-form journalism about big …

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