Jan 12 2012

GRN correspondents do us proud at the Frontline

A very interesting and enjoyable discussion last night at the Frontline Club entitled On the media: Becoming a freelance foreign correspondent, with three GRN correspondents, Ruth Sherlock, Tom Finn and Portia Walker, and not-yet-but-hopefully-soon-to-become GRN correspondent James Longman, chaired by the excellent Paddy O’Connell. The correspondents on the panel all covered the Arab Spring in Yemen, Libya, Egypt or Syria. Very thoughtful comments from the day-to-day questions of how many mobile chargers to take (as many as humanly possible) and does one actually need shorts in Syria (no, says James, but stock up on underwear, insists Ruth), to the bigger questions of how to pick your story, what drives your interest, how long to stay at a location, what is it like to be a woman on the frontline, and how to avoid getting killed. The discussion was broadcast live on YouTube and can be watched here: http://www.ustream.tv/frontlineclub. Highly recommended to anybody who is interested in going to cover a story, or who is curious about the present and future of international journalism.

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