Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 30 2012

Where does the Journalist End and the Blogger Begin?

A fascinating debate erupted this weekend between blogger Richard Silverstein and Journalist-blogger Dimi Reider, over a piece of news in the Israeli media saying Israel’s most advanced drone crashed in test flight In his blog Tikun Olam, Silverstein, quoting an Israeli source inside the military, argued that the drone was in fact an Iranian drone …

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Jan 26 2012

Television is dead, long live programming

These days the idea of sitting down at X o’clock to watch a show is quaint, rather like riding a horse to work… We are entering a golden age of media, of entertainment, of news, of sport….on a screen in our homes, bedrooms, offices or on the go… Choice, choice and more choice but let …

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Jan 24 2012

Q&A with Henry Peirse, founder of GRN

Q&A: GRN on how the agency for freelance journalists abroad is developing Henry Peirse, founder and CEO of GRN, explains how the agency provides broadcasters with freelancers and discusses rates of pay, how they vet journalists and the ethics of rookie reporters working in dangerous places

Jan 23 2012

Putting a Face to the News

GRN’s morning news alert, published on out website and emailed to our clients every day at 11GMT, is beginning to undergo an interesting face-lift. The idea is that each day we ask correspondents who cover the biggest news in the world, to spare us a few minutes of their time and record a short video …

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Jan 16 2012

Some Like it Hot – The Next Big Story

One of the most popular sporting pastimes among news journalists is attempting to assess where the next big news story is going to erupt. For many, it is not just an intellectual hobby, but the answer to the question “will I make some money, have a fascinating time and make a name for myself or …

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Jan 13 2012

Views to the future of Iraq

GRN in Baghdad

Jan 12 2012

Hangouts transform TV

This is cool…any correspondents want to try this for a breaking news story?

Jan 12 2012

GRN correspondents do us proud at the Frontline

A very interesting and enjoyable discussion last night at the Frontline Club entitled On the media: Becoming a freelance foreign correspondent, with three GRN correspondents, Ruth Sherlock, Tom Finn and Portia Walker, and not-yet-but-hopefully-soon-to-become GRN correspondent James Longman, chaired by the excellent Paddy O’Connell. The correspondents on the panel all covered the Arab Spring in …

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Jan 10 2012

You can’t spell Media without Me

Interesting take from TechCrunch

Jan 09 2012

A Quiet New Year’s Eve, and an Exciting Year Ahead

Happy New Year and welcome to the GRN blog! After a festive semi-holiday (no rest for the wicked, the journalists, and their agency) we are all back in our Hammersmith office, happy to report there were no Tsunamis (unlike 2005) or hangings-of-ex-heads-of-states (unlike 2006) that caused all hell (and our phones) to break loose this …

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