May 24

Week one in London

After arriving in London last Wednesday morning I’ve quickly gotten used to the culture I’m surrounded by like the rush to get on the tubes, minding the gap, injecting coffee into my system around the clock and wearing a ton of black everyday of the week. I was prepared for the rain I would endure but definitely not the freezing temperatures that are highly unusual in late May. Overall, I’ve loved every second I’ve spent in this city so far. It’s so metropolitan and growing so much everyday. The diversity is such a wonderful thing to immerse yourself in especially as an almost graduated college student about to be out in the real world with a real job. I plan to update my blog as much a possible and share everything I’ve learned and done here at GRNLive!


So far, there’s been a lot of news coverage involving the Woolwich attack that happened two days ago. With the BBC and Sky News showing constant coverage of the attack, I’ve been able to see the full timeline of events and learn more about the soldier that was undeservingly attacked in broad daylight. With news breaking so fast via social media outlets, I’ve found that my knowledge of how to use Twitter, Facebook and more has helped my experience at GRNLive so much already and will be useful since news breaks the fastest on these kinds of outlets!


Stay tuned for more updates! :)


- Caroline

May 24

Summer 2013 Intern

Name: Caroline Mitchell


Education: Auburn University (Auburn, AL), CAPA International Education (London, UK). Working towards graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television & Film with a minor in Human Development & Family Studies.


Career Aspiration: News anchor or foreign correspondent


About Me: I love my family and friends, cats, shopping, running and of course the NEWS! I’ve always been passionate about journalism & the arts and have been watching my local Atlanta news since I was about 6 years old. I’ve lived in the southeastern United States all of my life and after spending my freshman year at the University of Southern Mississippi I decided to transfer to Auburn University (War Eagle!!). While at Auburn I’ve been able to join several organizations that are relative to my major such as Eagle Eye News. Eagle Eye is our student run news station that broadcasts local and campus news during the week and it has given me the hands on experience that I need for my internship at GRNLive. I’m so excited to be interning for such a great business in London and can’t wait to see where the experience I gain takes me in the future!



Jan 18

Bushfires over the Kuringai National Park – Australia

Bushfires over Kuringai National Park – Australia

Exclusive footage of the bush fires that are raging in the Kuringai National Park just north of Sydney Australia

Jan 16

Spring 2013 Interns: Maddie

Its a new year and that means countless New Year’s resolutions will be made (that will never be kept), and new interns for GRNLive.

My name is Maddie Harr, I am a journalism and history major at the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a spring intern for GRNLive. I grew up in the states, central Minnesota to be exact, (I have been known to say ‘Uff da’, I must admit) and my dream is to become a foreign correspondent.

How I came to intern at GRNLive is not unlike other interns’ stories. London, historically, is a major hub for international news and as a future correspondent it made sense that I would love to intern for any news outlet in London. Originally, I had hoped for an internship with a newsroom team, but after learning more about GRNLive and what they do, I realized that not only was this internship a perfect fit, but also was going to give me a lot more opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge about journalism and also the opportunity to make new international connections and refine my journalistic skills.

I am very excited about the opportunities at GRNLive and happy to join such an excellent and innovative company.



Sep 21

World Protests Hit Home

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, England, and France have all seen their streets ravaged with protests over the American made anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims.” It is striking that hatred is the one force that is powerful enough to amalgamate societies from all over the world. Presumed producer of the film Nakoula Basseley Nakoula propelled this wave of protests with his alleged hatred of Islam. In return, Muslims and other protestors conveyed their hatred toward what they call American ignorance through ransacking and killing unsuspecting victims. When I first heard U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stephens was killed in an uprising instigated by this flippant film, my eyes swelled with tears. I am not sure why this event struck me harder than every other tragedy I hear about, report on, and at unfortunate times even witness; but it was a slap in my face to how much anger and irrationality permeates our world. I understand protesting for a legitimate cause. I do not understand what it is about human nature that has caused this situation to accelerate to the widespread level of destruction that it is at currently.

Sep 21

Kait Lavinder: Fall 2012

Name: Kait Lavinder

Education: Temple University (Philadelphia, USA), Foundation for International Education (London, UK). Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, & Mass Media.

Career Aspiration: Foreign correspondent

With logistics out of the way, let’s get down to business. I grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and moved to Philadelphia a few years ago for schooling. I just recently arrived in London and already feel at home. One of my life goals is to live on every continent (except Antarctica)…two down, four to go! I run every morning, indulge in at least one cup of coffee every day, and am a full-fledged news junkie. Most importantly, I am extremely excited about my internship with GRNLive!

Jul 04

Summer Interns: Carolina

Hola! My name is Carolina Cornejo I’ve been a summer intern since may 31ist and been lovin’ it since! I currently studying Journalism and International Studies at American University Washington DC but I’ve had quite a multicultural upbringing. I was born in Barcelona, Spain but I come from an Ecuadorian family, I  lived in Ecuador for 9 years before moving to Panama where my family has lived for 7 years (Phew! thats a mouthful)

I’ve always wanted to come to London and I’m so grateful I finally had the chance to study and intern in this amazing metropolis. I’ve been doing some traveling abroad on the weekends (so far Amsterdam and Prague.) However, I’ve also been trying to soak up the culture by visiting as many museums and doing as many sight seeings during weeks I’m here.

During my intern days I’ve been managing the tumblr account as well as working with social media to spread the world about this brilliant company. Been learning A LOT! As a journalist major I hope to someday work either as a freelance journalist, continue recent love affair with blogging, work at a major company or do all of it at the same time (multitasker, holla) Being an intern at GRNLive has enriched my knowledge of the in-and-outs of freelance journalism while being able to learn from pro journalists by organizing and learning from their samples.

The work atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly but I’m encouraged to learn and do as much as I can witht the time I have left in London. Its journalist nature, I suppose to “stay hungry” which is why I’m grateful to be in a workplace that encourages me to do so. Will be in London for a couple more weeks so I’ll try to make the most of every minute here.




Check out my personal blog:

Jun 12

Summer Interns: Justin

If you want to study international news, there is no better place to be than in London. For real.

My name is Justin Racette, and I’m a Multimedia Journalism and International Studies student completing my Bachelor’s degree at Oklahoma State University, and a summer intern here at GRNLive. Even though it is only my third day here at GRNLive, I feel like I have done so much and learned so much about the international journalism community. I have been challenged (something every intern should be) and I still have a long way to go.

International news is a different scope than my studies back at OSU. In school, we spend our classes doing local reports and focusing on events in the Stillwater area (because it’s just that happenin’, obviously), so getting to work with journalists worldwide is a great experience. This is a huge boost for my studies, and I hope it continues to surprise and enlighten me.

London is just, well, London. It’s brilliant (to put it in English terms). Even though it has rained every single day I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed the experience nonetheless and cannot wait to see what else this amazing city brings. It’s definitely different from small-town Oklahoma, but that’s exactly what I want.

Cheers for now!

My blog: Justin Time

My website: 

Apr 19

Last week at GRN

I can hardly believe this is my last week at GRN. After today there is only one day left here. Time has truly flown by…it seems like I just came in for my interview and my first day of work!

I will be quite sad to say goodbye to all of my wonderful co-workers because they have all been so welcoming and inclusive. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or like I didn’t belong, and I am truly grateful for that. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to help them out in whatever ways I can. I’ve completed spread sheets, updated the Facebook Timeline, and helped set up an Intern website—all of which will help get the company’s name out there and attract more employees.

Outside of GRN, I will miss London greatly. It is an amazing city with so many opportunities, and it’s a place I know I want to come back to someday. At the same time, however, I am very excited to be heading home. I can’t wait to see my family and friends and return to my life as usual.

It’s been such a great experience working at a company outside of the United States. It’s given me the opportunity to see how daily office life is in another country, and this will make me a stronger employee when I return to the United States. I highly recommend GRN Live as an internship location for study abroad students!

Apr 04

GRN Printer

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